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21 OCT 2016 : Please fwd the documents of UDC to OS for early DPC. All r requested to fwd the same.  HQ CE WC fwd the documents on the basis of previous report.  Other Command Secy to follow the same and ask Commands to fwd the previous set on fresh date. It is only required by E-in-C's Br.  Hurry to fwd documents for AO II & AO I

Approx 1,60,000/- Rs one lakh sixty thousand expenditure occured in this case. Amount approx 50,000/- recvd and most of it from Delhi.  I again appeal to everyone to donate for court case.

A list of  Office Supdt for prom to AO II is unploaded.  Please fwd the data immediately as DPC is overdelayed.  Increased vacancies of AO II on a/c of Cadre Review will be surrendered in case DPC is not conducted in due time.  It is the responsibility of every concerened to check the list and fwd the data without fail by next week. 

The process of election of Association has started now for the year 2017-19.  Please download the letter and circulate to all.  Pl carry out the election as per schedule and submit report.


Annaul subs of 2016 has not been recovered in lot of offices in all the commands.  Please recover and forward immediately.


  बृज किशोर Brij Kishore, Gen Secretary  9891615291



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