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4 Dec 2016 :  Reply of questions : Sh Rao (Vizag) : Annual function will be held on any date between 9 to 11 Feb 2017 as date available with chief guest.  Existing E-in-C is retiring on 31 Jan 2017 and it will not be possible to call new E-in-C, so our chief guest will be DG (Pers).

Sh. Masum Ahmed : Charter of duty of steno will be uploaded on site or on hike tmrow.  For RRs of all cadre please visit MES web site.

Sh Ekka (Shillong) : Gde pay issue of UDC & OS has already been closed as committee consisted by MoD on the order of CAT New Delhi did not agree and passed reverse order and on the other hand 7th CPC also downgraded the gde pay of UDC & Asst of CSS & AFHQ. This matter has already been uploaded on web site in 2015. Thanks for ur view and keep it up.


Prom Case Supreme Court. Next date of hearing is 6 Dec 2016.

Please send your subs alongwith nominal roll as mentioned below.  Remaining other than below offices should also note and forward annual subs.

Annual Subs of 2016 from  SWC, WC, CC, EC and any office of NC not recvd. Only SC secy fwd the same. Command Secy ensure early submission of subs.  Rest of Big areas like Vishakapatnram, Chennai, Amritsar, Jodhpur,Silliguri, Ambala, Bareilly, Dehradun and many more active branches are requested to fwd the subs immediately.

The process of election of Association has started now for the year 2017-19.  Please download the letter and circulate to all.  Pl carry out the election as per schedule and submit report. Intimate progress. Please intimate where process of elction has cmpleted.


बृज किशोर Brij Kishore, Gen Secretary  9891615291



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