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 29 Jul2016:

Addl list of OS for prom to AO II downloaded, please fwd the documents. All the affected individuals should fwd the requisite documents immediately.  These vacancies are of cadre review.  AO II to AO I DPC is also in progress. Judgement on stay UDC-OS has received, court not vacated the stay,   

As you know that the Assn  filed MA at CAT Lucknow for vacation of stay for UDC -OS Prom.  I alongwith assn advocate attended the hearing at Lucknow on 5 Jul 2016 and after long discussion for vacation of stay court reserved the judgement and it will be pronunced within a week.  We do hope that stay will be vacated and promotion will be carried out.  I have also requested for donation, please donate OS/UDC 500/- & LDC 300/-.  

Steno Cadre Review:  On Association reqeust, E-in-C's Br. is issuing board for cadre review of Stenographer.  I discussed the case and offiers dealing in CSCC sec told me to give suggession while progress of board.

Letter of annual subs 2016 uploaded. Please recover the subs Rs 300/-p.a. in Jul 2016 & deposit.


  बृज किशोर Brij Kishore, Gen Secretary  9891615291



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