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31 Aug 2015 :  Meeting with committee for gde pay will be held in Sena Bhawan at 11 hrs on 1 Sep 2015.  Notice to HQ CE WC issued today for holding dharna at tank chowk on 9 Sep 2015 from 1500 hrs.  All WC members are requested to join. Jalandhar, Ambala, Delhi, Amritsar, Jutog, Halwara etc has given their consent to take part in dharna. Remaining are requested to send consent immediately. Notice to E-in-C Br. has already been issued.  All Command secy Br secy to issue notice forthwith for gate meetings from 3 Sep to 15 Sep 15. 

A successful visit of chennai has been completed today. A very well organized Chennai branch has been working.  We are very thankful to the people of chennai for providing high class hospitality. Special thanks to Sh Krishnamurthi, Chairman, Sh Koteshwaran, Vice Chairman and Sh Sundra Ganeshan, Secretary. Chennai Branch has also donated Rs 16000+ for court case. Thanks to them.

 बृज किशोर Brij Kishore, Gen Secretary  9891615291


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