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                                      MEETING WITH E-IN-C

         After a gap of Approx one and half year,  there is meeting of CHQ body with E-in-C held on 05 Jul 2019. From outside of Delhi Only reps of one Command i.e. SWC are present in the meeting.  The highlights of the meeting are as under :-

1.      The matter of delay in our DPCs was discussed in presence of DG (Pers) and E-in-C. Both of them promised that the next panel for the year 2016-2017 of SAA to AAO will be out within this month. And this panel is going to include large number of eligible SAAs. However, there are constraints about data, but with all your support we can manage that. DPC from AAO to AO-II for the year 2018-2019 will be issued soon. 

         Regarding recent panel issued in r/o DPC for SAA to AAO for the year 2015-2016 E-in-C will issue direction to commands to issue promotion orders by next week and will call the dealing officers to finalize the same upto next week.

2.      Cadre review of Steno is held with MoD and all observations has been cleared. Concerned Director confirmed that he will personally try of liaise with MoD and we at our association level are also in contact their. Hope, soon it will processed at MoD.

3.       MTS four grade structure discussed in detail. Both DG (Pers) and E-in-C agreed this point. E-in-C directed the concerned director to speak about the case personally with him and assured us that he will personally go to Joint Secy in MoD and will discuss the matter their. We are hoping positive results on that seeing the interest of E-in-C personally on that matter.

4.       DPC from JAA to SAA for the year 2018-2019 in r/o NC, EC and SC has not been finalized yet. We have take up the matter in the meeting and DG (Pers) & E-in-C has confirmed that they will call the dealing officers their and ask for reasons of delay in writing too. Command Secy of these commands are requested to become active and take meeting with Command Chief on this matter.

5.       Matter of LRS was also discussed. LRS for the year 2019 will be out soon based on which DPC for the calendar year 2019 from JAA to SAA can be conducted. Command Secy are requested to visit DPC section and confirm the SL position their and integrity / vigilance clear of indls senior in the list and passed LDCE exam may be asked by Command well before release of LRS.

         However, we have said that the promotional vacancies for SAA may be left at command level and reserve the vacancies for DR of SAA at your level so that delay due to release of LRS may be tackled.

6.       Some points regarding, posting policy were also discussed. Some commands are not processing the applications of mutual posting on the ground that probation period of the indl has not been uplifting, however as per revised posting policy the requirement is only 06months of physical stay. The point has been agreed and instruction from E-in-C branch on this issue will be circulated to commands soon.

7.    Matter of Revision of various RRs of admin cadre was also discussed.

8.       02nd cadre review of Admin cadre is also discussed. Our first cadre review was out in the year 2016 and as per DopT policy cadre review needs 05 years gap as stated by dealing Director and DG (Pers). However, BOO has been convened at E-in-C and we will soon submit more comprehensive proposal of 02nd Cadre review. 

9.       Another important point : To avoid the abolish the post of PAO, as per our demand deputation for appointment of PAO in MES being initiated by the department i.e. E-in-C's Branch.

        Note: It is my personal suggestion that in future all Command Secy must attend our official meeting with E-in-C and it should be made compulsory. 

       All our issues regarding DPC will be resolved in next few days (within a month) as assured by the authorities. We need, the support from Command Secy and All Branch Secy and all members.

           Further draft RR from JAA to SAA has been uploaded on mes webside.  All are requested to go through and forward your comments with justification and supporting documents.


Balkar Singh                                         Vinod Kumar

President                                                Gen Secy

M 8076767909                                          M 9910949182



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