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27 SEP2016 :  No hearing in the case of UDC-OS has been held today being non-availability fo double bench.  Next dte of hearing will be informed shortly.

Addl list of detail for AO II is uploaded. DO by DG (Pers) issued to all Command CEs for forwarding the documents from AO II to AO I. Please fwd the documents as desired immeidately to speed up DPCs.

DPC AO II TO AO I :It is regretted to say that inspite of repeated reminders from E-in-C's side and as well as Association side, there is no progress of documents of OS TO AO II AND AO II TO AO I.  The dcuments should have been reached by now.  We can not do our own work and hopes for timely promtion.  All are rquested to forward the documents immediately. Command Secy and other office bearers should take it seriously and contact with command to expedite the documents.

Annaul subs of 2016 has not been recovered in lot of offices in all the commands.  Please recover and forward immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Now we have hired Advocate from Lucknow to process the case from next hearing on 27 Sep 2016.  There is lot of expenditure in this court case. We have have already requested for donation, please donate OS/UDC 500/- & LDC 300/-. Every individual must contribute, only Delhi people contributed except few outside stations.  It appears that people are unwilling for promotion. 

Letter of annual subs 2016 uploaded. Recovery of annaul subs has not been done in lots of offices in country.  Please recover annual subs and fwd amount and list immediately. The Association is with all the enrolled member, please do subscribe membership.

  बृज किशोर Brij Kishore, Gen Secretary  9891615291



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