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28 Mar 2017 : Reply given in paliament on promotion is uploaded. Law Ministry letter uploaded and read it carefully.  All ur doubts will be cleared as how the Promotions could not be carried out and even law ministry could not interfeare in court matter.  Please wait till the decision of Hon'ble Supreme Court.

Nomenclature: There is no financial upgradation on change of nomenclature.  It is status upliftment only.  Please enjoy and take care.

Minutes of meeting held on 9 Feb 17 with DG Pers uploaded.

 CONGRATULATION TO EVERYONE : E-in-C's Branch letter of change of nomenclature of Admin Cadre uploaded. Please download and publish PTO.

There is no progress of Supreme court case only progress is date upon date and next date is 5 Apr 2017

There is no member from Northern Command and their prticipation in CHQ is Nil. Please become member and walk together.

Annual subs 2017 from Jaipur Branch not yet received. Command Secy promised to deposit last month, but no progress.  Please deposit immediately.

बृज किशोर Brij Kishore, Gen Secretary  9891615291



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