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16 Oct 2018: Cadre Review Stenographer is till with MoD. I discussed the case tommarrow in MoD and they are putting it to JS.

Cadre Review Admin Cadre : No progress in E-in-C's Br. reminder issued to E-in-C Br. and uploaded.

Election 2019-2021 : Notification for election issued. All Vice Presidents/Command Secys/Branch Secys to take action accordingly.

Pl fwd data detail for promotion of AAO and AO II immediately.

Command Secy pressurize Command HQ for promotion JAA to SAA. 


Annual subs 2018  from many parts of the country not yt received.  Please forward in this month.

Sh Shyam Sunder                  Brij Kishore

President                               Gen Secy


M 9811034283                  M 9891615291

email: brij_kamboj@rediffmail.com


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