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Inventory Mappings Inventory mapping provides mapping between virtual machine folders, clusters or resource pools, and networks on the protected site and their counterparts on the recovery site. All items within a single data center on the protected site must map within a single data center on the recovery site. The following inventory mappings details are used across both the protected and recovery sites. x Resource mapping to map the cluster objects at the recovery site. x Folder mapping to correctly map the folder structure at the recovery site. x Network mapping to correctly map the management networks at the recovery site. VNF Recovery considerations The assumption is that every single vendor will provide a specific strategy for disaster recovery a VNF that will be managed directly by the VNF Managers. 3.4.2 vSphere Replication / RPO and RTO vSphere Replication is the technology used to replicate virtual machine data between data centers and fully supports Virtual SAN. vSphere Replication is deployed as an appliance within the management cluster and provides a recovery point objective (RPO) of 15 minutes to 24 hours. RPO and RTO are the two most important performance metrics that need to be considered when designing or executing a disaster recovery plan. RPO is the maximum period in which data can be lost due to a disaster, and is fulfilled by the replication technology. RTO is a period of time, usually with an attached service level, in which a business process must be restored. It can include the time for the recovery itself, testing, and communication to consumers of the service. Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication provide the ability to set the RPO for each individual virtual machine within a protection group. Protection Groups A protection group is a group of management components that fail over together at the recovery site during test and recovery. All protected management components are placed within a single Protection Group. Recovery Plans Recovery Plans are the run books associated with the disaster recovery scenario. A recovery plan determines what management components are started, what needs to be powered down, scripts to be run, start-up order, and the overall automated section of the failover. A full site failure is the only scenario that should invoke a disaster recovery. There should be no requirement to handle planned migrations or to move single failed applications within the management cluster. A single recovery plan is created and the placement of management components into priority groups is performed to ensure that correct startup order. For the management components to function correctly after a recovery event, services must be restored in a particular order. Table 7 documents the correct recovery order. The recovery of the resource/edge cluster vCenter Server and NSX Manager is also required to maintain management capabilities where additional physical data centers are managed within region. Networking Considerations Physically moving a service from one site to another represents a networking challenge that adds dependency on the underlying networking infrastructure. VMware recommends using a stretched Layer 2 network across physical sites. Alternatively, the route to an entire subnet can be changed in the backbone to establish connectivity again, avoiding the need for changing the IP addresses of management components when failing over between sites. DRS Considerations Some management components for the vCloud NFV platform have specific affinity or anti-affinity rules configured for availability (see section 3.1). When protected management components are recovered at a secondary site, DRS rules, reservations or limits are not carried over as part of the recovery plan. However, it is possible to manually configure rules, reservations and limits on placeholder virtual machines at the recovery site during the platform build. These rules can be abstracted into vRealize Orchestrator workflows that are used to set the appropriate reservations and rules and continuously check the compliance with the pre-defined settings. vRealize Operations Manager Alerts When alerts are generated in vRealize Operations Manager, they appear in the alert details and object details, but can also be configured to send outside the applications using outbound alert options. vRealize Operations Manager has the following plug-ins for sending notifications and alerts: x SMTP to activate email service reports and notifications messages when alerts are raised. x SNMP traps send alerts to an SNMP target. x REST API. The decision to use a specific alerting method is implementation-specific and typically driven by the external monitoring and management tools available. 3.3.2 vRealize Log Insight vRealize Log Insight is used to connect to vCenter Servers to collect its events, tasks, and alarms data, and integrates with vRealize Operations Manager to send notification events. vRealize Log Insight is deployed using a multi-node (minimum three virtual appliances) HA cluster using the integrated load balancer capabilities. Data is collected using the syslog protocol or an API. All NSX Manager syslog information, distributed firewall logs and NSX Edge Gateway Services syslog information are sent to vRealize Log Insight. Each vCloud Director cell produces logs that persist in the internal database for 90 days. These are sent to vRealize Log Insight for centralized log access and archiving. Additional vCloud Director troubleshooting and API access logs are stored locally on the cells. These logs are produced by the Apache log4j logging utility and can be forwarded by creating an additional appender on the cell. This is described in the KB article http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2004564 and is configured for the vCloud Director cells. vRealize Log Insight Content Pack vRealize Log Insight gathers log events from multiple sources and through special content packs delivers solution specific dashboards to perform log analytics using redefined alerts. The following vRealize Log Insight content packs7 are implemented as part of the vCloud NFV platform: x VMware vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vCloud Director x VMware vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for NSX for vSphere x VMware vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vCenter Server x VMware vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vRealize Operations Manager x VMware vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Microsoft SQL x VMware vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Microsoft Windows vRealize Log Insight Archiving Archiving is primarily a long-term retention tool. The process copies raw data to an external NFS storage. Archives are mu


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